You may have other games to remember and tell about that turned your passion for football into a real message for life.
Anyway, these are games highly valued by each enthusiastic supporter. They are precious pearls to be appreciated, flags to be waved, so to convey that behind great teams there are always great men. With great power comes great responsibility, though.
This is why a personality of such a caliber and international reputation as the 2006 World Champion coach - first European coach to be appointed in China and with such a prideful career - cannot be dispensed from social commitment.
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fond2 AriSLA Italian Foundation for ALS research represents today a concrete answer to the commitment and investment for the fight against ALS, through its action of support, coordination and promotion of scientific research, toward the improvement of the knowledge, care and treatment of this disease.
AriSLA was born in December 2008 from the foresight of four Founders that represent a guarantee of reliability and excellence in the non-profit: AISLA Onlus Italian Association Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cariplo Foundation, Telethon Foundation, Vialli and Mauro Fondation for Research and Sport Onlus.
The Foundation institutional aim is to support scientific research of excellence as the only way to effectively "fight" Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease with not known etiology and with no cure.
This objective has seen the Foundation engaged in these years in the implementation of a model of research funding based on transparency, scientific merit and efficiency with the sole purpose of making the researchers work more efficient and effective, in order to be able to transfer the scientific results to clinical practice as soon as possible. In a few years AriSLA has become one of the leading organizations in Italy and Europe to deal exclusively with scientific research on ALS funding .
From 2008 8.637 million euro have been invested in research, funding 97 research groups and more than 150 researchers.
49 scientific research projects have been funded through the launch of six calls for proposals:
33 basic research projects
10 translational research projects
1 technological research projects
5 clinical research projects
The mission of AriSLA is to constitute a recognizable and active landmark throughout the scientific community engaged in the fight against ALS, playing the role of catalyst and engine of research on this disease in our country, by providing the necessary financial, scientific and technical support.