ust right after hanging up his boots, Marcello started a new career on the bench: he got back to Sampdoria, where he coached a local youth football team for three years.

In 1985 he made his debut as a professional coach with US Pontedera in Serie C2 league. The Tuscan team would also reach the final of Anglo-Italian Cup, though lost against Piacenza.

Over the following years Marcello had the opportunity to sat on several benches and coach Siena, Pistoiese and Carrese teams. His results were so good that he was opened the doors to Serie A league. As a matter of fact, Mr Lugaresi, then-chairman of FC Cesena, had chosen him as the coach for the 1989-1990 season. Indeed, Mr Lippi prevented the Romagna team from relegation. Unfortunately, the following season had no such lucky start; the coach was dismissed just a few months later. 

Anyway, our coach didn’t give up but strongly reacted with FC Lucchese on Serie B league. He led the team to rank eight in the championship; as a result, he was called back to coach a Serie A team.