You may have other games to remember and tell about that turned your passion for football into a real message for life.
Anyway, these are games highly valued by each enthusiastic supporter. They are precious pearls to be appreciated, flags to be waved, so to convey that behind great teams there are always great men. With great power comes great responsibility, though.
This is why a personality of such a caliber and international reputation as the 2006 World Champion coach - first European coach to be appointed in China and with such a prideful career - cannot be dispensed from social commitment. And thus a Charity has been started with the intent of getting funds for charitable projects through the organisation and development of international events.
fond2 • The establishment of this charity should just be the first step: the reputation and professionalism that have always marked Lippi’s career, both in Italy and in the world, will be a guarantee for organising a series of FUND RAISING events.
• In order to have a successful project, it is necessary to somehow involve any kind of supporter. So, the idea is to gather an ALL-STAR Team, with only selection requirement: having been coached by Lippi at least once. This should draw at least three generations of supporters to the stadium, who will come and support both past and present idols.
• The first international event should be enough to give the credit the project needs, in order to involve the charities of the most important international football celebrities and then repeat the same format all over the world.
• Different fund-raising methods will be used, such as charity auctions via dedicated websites and, via the Internet again, exclusive merchandising will be sold.
• It's very important that even this aspect is carefully detailed. In this sense, it's essential to select a limited number of projects, which should also be well-reasoned, for the allocation of the sums collected through charitable events, in order to develop them in the future.
•The first proposition is to embrace the following three causes:
1) Local organisation linked to the sense of belonging to the territory of Viareggio
2) High-level national organisation
3) High-level international organisation by becoming its testimonial